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  • 2022

    1. A Study on the Design/Interior Know-how of Hanok Emotional Housing for Prospective Builders
    2. An Introduction to the Architectural Owner's School
    3. Compose Free Start-up Briefing Session
    4. Eurachacha Cafe Survival Strategy by CEO of Sound's Coffee
    5. Rosetta & Swan Pattern Conquest with Coffee Monster Kim Young-jin (Intermediate)
    6. The world's latte art champion`s Latte art know-how that you must know at the store
    7. Distribution MD Invitation Purchase Consultation Meeting
    8. National Barista Competition for the Disabled with Compose Coffee
    9. 3rd Green Coffee Festa
    10. 11th Golden Coffee Awards
    11. 2022 Golden Tea Awards
    12. Korea Ceramic Day Ceremony and Commendation of Merit
    13. International Conference on Research and Analysis of Science Devices
    14. Seminar on Advanced Materials and Special Gas to Achieve Semiconductor, Battery Superpower, Strengthen Supply Chain
    15. Online consultation on video export to five Asian countries (Japan, India, Thailand, China, and Vietnam)
    16. Carbon Korea 2022 Opening Ceremony and Carbon Material Convergence Ship Industrial Development Merit Award Ceremony
    17. International Conference (Space and Aviation Conference/Carbon Neutral International Tech Forum)
    18. Korea Ceramic Society/Advanced Materials (Ceramic, Carbon, Composite, Adhesive Coding, etc.) Technology Poster Session
    19. Korean Ceramic Society Autumn Conference
    20. Consultation Meeting of Smart Factory Construction Experts by Industry
    21. Digital Twin Special Hall with "Seoul Techno Park-LG U+"
    22. 2022 Autumn Comprehensive Academic Conference and College Student Paper Contest
    23. ∙Auto-Deep Learning Vision Test Overcomes the Limitations of Existing Vision Test
    24. ∙Gain cost/productivity with complete information collection and analysis
    25. ∙Optimal Facility Management Methods and Examples Using Manufacturing Data
    26. ∙Application and Technology of Eco-Friendly Precision Parts Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
    27. ∙Introduction to FLUKE ii910/ii900 Ultrasonic Camera
    28. Data Platform Future Strategy Conference
    29. SMATEC 2022 International Conference
    30. Regional Based Manufacturing ICT Conference
    31. 2nd Smart Manufacturing Engineering Conference - "Road Not Taken"
    32. 2nd Industry 4.0 and Industrial Digital Transformation Conference
    33. CAE Conference 2022
  • 2021

    1. Naver Shopping Live
    2. Home cafe, introduce your own secret menu.
    3. Latte Art Basic Master.
    4. The beginning of latte art intermediate level.
    5. Escape from the basics of hand drip.
    6. Brewing Beginner & Intermediate (Mild Coffee)
    7. 9th [golden coffee award] / GCA2021
    8. 2nd [green coffee festa] / GCF2021
    9. 8th [golden tea award] / GTA2021
    10. 9th [Cafe Practical Seminar] / CPS2021
    11. Ceramic Day Celebration / Commendation of Merit
    12. INTRA 2021 Video Export Online Consultation
    13. Application and Technology of Environmentally Friendly PCB & Package Water Cleaning, Ion Contamination and Solderability Measurement Equipment
    14. Evaluation of Bio-Ceramic Material Properties in the Medical Industry
    15. Surface property evaluation technology (3D inline scratches, nano-indenters, hardness)
    16. K-Semiconductor Strategy Realization Advanced Materials/Special Gas/Equipment Seminar
    17. Laboratory Biosecurity and Biosecurity Workstation
    18. How to use XRF in high-tech materials and examples
    19. A Study on the Use of Diffuse Hydrogen Measurement for the Development of New Metallic Materials
    20. INDUSTRY 5.0 Industry Trends and HP Laminated Manufacturing Utilization and Cases
  • 2020

    1. BOFOOD Distribution MD Invitation Purchase Consultation
    2. Expected Effects of the Food Safety Management MES System
    3. Home cafe, introduce your own secret menu.
    4. Everything about the syphon.
    5. Hand Drip Master Class
    6. Basic master class where you learn the basics of steaming, espresso extraction, and foaming for latte art.
    7. Brewing coffee, check out the checkpoints.
    8. The beginning of the home cafe. Know the hand drip right away.
    9. Latte art, finish in two hours.
    10. 9th [golden coffee award] / GCA2020
    11. 1th [green coffee expo] / GCE2020
    12. 1th [cafe brunch masters] / KCBM2020
    13. 8th [Cafe Practical Seminar] / CPS2020
  • 2019

    1. Special Seminar of Daegyeong Country Housing Association
    2. Prospective Technology Briefing Session for Responding to Export Regulations
      (Excellent Technology Briefing Session for Materials, Parts, and Equipment)
    3. Application and Technology of Ceramic Manufacturing Equipment
    4. Smart Energy/Environmental Materials Technology Transfer Briefing Session
    5. Localization of Material Components for Semiconductors / Forecast of 2020
    6. Korean Ceramic Society 2019 Autumn Conference
    7. Seminar to strengthen nutritionist competency (Part 1 and 2)
    8. Home Shopping Product Organizer (MD) Invitation Consultation Meeting /
      Korea, China, Japan Export Purchase Consultation Meeting
    9. 8th KWEA Wine Sommelier Competition (Written/Practical)
    10. Smart Factory International Conference
    11. Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers Conference
    12. TOYOTA's competitive edge in manufacturing innovation – To improve
      competitiveness by understanding and to develop Toyota's production methods
    13. 6th Laser Processing Technology Exchange Meeting
  • 2018

    1. Seminar on the Architecture of Heavy Wooden Structures for
      Introducers of Wooden Construction in Japan
    2. Special Seminar of Daegyeong Country Housing Association
    3. 10th Korea-China-Japan Business Exchange Meeting
    4. Latte art techniques for cafes
    5. Korea Mold Vision Forum 2018
    6. Korean Ceramic Society 2018 Autumn Conference
    7. 2018 Ceramic Day Celebration
  • 2017

    1. Special Seminar of Daegyeong Country Housing Association
    2. 5th Laser Processing Technology Exchange Meeting
    3. Spring Conference of the Korean Mechanical Society of Mechanics
    4. COFFEE SUMMIT 2017 Workshop – 2017 Roasting Adventure
    5. The latest promising materials trends and prospects for 2018
    6. International Seminar on High-Purity and New Material Analysis
    7. Korean Society of Composite Materials Autumn Conference
    8. 2017 Business Materials and Application Technology Briefing Session
    9. 2017 Korean Ceramic Society Autumn Conference
  • 2016

    1. Special Seminar of Daegyeong Country Housing Association
    2. Korea-China-Japan Export Purchase Consultation Meeting
    3. 5th KWEA Wine Sommelier Competition
    4. 2016 KORLOY "New Cutting Tool Trend."
    5. Korean Ceramic Association 2016 Autumn Conference on Ceramic Studies
    6. International Seminar on High-Purity and New Material Analysis
    7. Business New Materials and Application Technology Briefing Session
  • 2015

    1. Special Seminar of Daegyeong Country Housing Association
    2. 2017 Great Network of Promising Materials and Applied Technologies
    3. Korea-China-Japan Export Purchase Consultation Meeting
    4. Asia Coffee Leaders Forum
    5. A Case Study on the Chinese Coffee Market and Marketing Strategy
    6. Spring Conference of the Korean Mechanical Society of Mechanics
    7. Korean Society of Plastic Engineering Spring Conference
  • 2014

    1. Seminar on Advanced Mold Manufacturing Technology in Germany
    2. Seminar on Mold Trends and Benchmarking in Europe
    3. International Seminar on High-Purity and New Material Analysis
    4. International Workshop on Next Generation IT Convergence Materials
    5. 3rd HACCP Technical Seminar
  • 2013

    1. Seminar on Mold Technology in Southeast Asia
    2. Spring Conference of the Korean Mechanical Society of Mechanics
    3. Seminars on import and export strategies and business exchanges between Korean,
      Chinese, and Japanese companies
    4. International Rare Metals/Composite Materials Exhibition Rare Metals
      Research Results Presentation
    5. Presentation of Research Results on Composite Materials
      (Metal Slab Material Technology)
  • 2012

    1. Japan Export Strategy Seminar
    2. Korea-Japan Business Exchange Meeting
    3. Interior Trends 2012 through Milan/Cologne Furniture Show
    4. International Seminar on Machinery in Busan and Japan
  • 2011

    1. Makgeolli Seminar with Shilla University's Makgeolli Globalization Research Institute
    2. 2012 Real Estate Market Outlook and Land Analysis
    3. Seminars Inviting Experts on Nuclear Power Plant
    4. Busan-Japan International Seminar on Machinery
  • 2010

    1. Special Publicity Exhibition on Civil Engineering, Construction,
      and Environmental New Technology of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs Site Designation
    2. New technology presentation (comparative analysis of domestic and foreign crack repair methods)
    3. Real Estate Outlook and Land Investment Analysis
    4. Interior Trend Seminar
    5. Makgeolli Seminar with Shilla Daemakgeolli Globalization Research Institute
  • 2009

    1. Spring Conference of the Korean Mechanical Society of Mechanics
    2. HACCP Professional Technical Consultation Meeting
    3. 2009 Interior Trends Seminar
    4. Seminar on Architectural City Cultural Properties
      (Eyes on Traditional Architecture, Ultra-high-rise, and Urban Culture)
  • 2008

    1. New Technology Association New Technology/New Technology Law Presentation
    2. 59th Korea Transport Association Autumn International Conference
    3. Tunnel Technology Association New Construction Law Presentation
    4. n Analysis of the Influence of Feng Shui Interior on Business
  • 2007

    1. Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers Conference
    2. Seminar on the Busan Small and Medium Business Support Center
    3. (G)Korea Federation of Cooks Seminars
    4. New Construction and Environmental Technologies, New Construction Law Presentation
  • 2006

    1. Seminar on Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Technology Using Dry Ice
    2. An Understanding of Ecological Architecture and Works
    3. Seminar on New Transportation
    4. Seminar of Bridge Structural Engineering Society
    5. A Study on the Research and Development Project of Construction Transportation Technology
    6. Trends and Challenges in Road Traffic in North Korea
  • 2005

    1. Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers Conference
    2. Symposium on Strengthening the Competitiveness of the
      Machinery Industry in Southeast Asia under the Korea-Japan FTA
    3. Selective wave shoulder system for lead-free use
    4. Future Real Estate Policies and Prospects
    5. Future Prospects of Wooden-Structure Houses in Countryside and Multi-Story
      Wooden-Structure Houses
  • 2004

    1. Operation management and promotion and marketing of pensions
    2. A Study on the Trends of Office Space Interior
    3. Assembly Engineering New Technologies and Lower Assembly Costs
    4. Understanding Graphic-Based Programming "LabVIEW"
    5. A New Alternative to Balinit Coating-Mold Surface Treatment
    6. "Health for Dog" Seminar
    7. International Trends and Application Models of Automation Technology in Korea
  • 2003

    1. Trend and Application of International Machining Technology
    2. Asia Technical Robot Conference
  • 2002

    1. A Case Study on the Application Process of Remodeling
    2. Energy generation through decoration and coordination
    3. Color Planning for Interior Design
  • 2001

    1. Points to note from Architectural Design to Completion
    2. 21st Century Dream House Steel House Excellence
    3. A Study on the Development Method of the Rural Housing Complex
  • 2000

    1. Desirable Water Supply and Demand and Management Strategies
    2. Seminar on Real Estate Development Consulting
    3. Environmental Management System Establishment and Implementation Strategy
  • 1999

    1. Application Technology of Mechatronics' POP System
    2. Construction of CIM and Application of Robot Application System
    3. Seminar on Brand Awareness and Trademark Protection of Processed Food
  • 1998

    1. Direction and Countermeasures of Information Application in the Machine Tool Industry
    2. Announcement of the current status and application cases of national GIS projects
    3. ISO 1400 (International Environmental Standards) Implementation Practice Seminar
  • 1997

    1. International Machinery Symposium (Korea, U.S., Japan) Held
    2. Robot Applications Using Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Systems
  • 1996

    1. The Present Situation and Prospects of Construction of the Tokyo Underground Line (Common Area)
    2. Development of Marketing to Improve Productivity of Regional Agricultural Cooperatives
    3. Current Status and Future Prospects of Underground Space Development in Korea
    4. International Symposium on Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)
    5. A Study on the Establishment of the Information Management (POP) System at the Production Point
  • 1995

    1. Challenges to upcoming ISO 1400 (Environmental Seminar)
    2. The Present Situation and Future of the Diamond Tool Industry
  • 1994

    1. An Example of Environmental Measurement in Biosystems
    2. Seminar on Business Area Analysis and Area Marketing Strategies
  • 1993

    1. Introduction of New Marketing Concepts and Effective Strategies
    2. Manufacturer's Successful Implementation of CIM